Monday, October 13, 2008


Once in several generations, a man is born.

Not just any man, obviously. A man of outsized talents, gifts, genius if you will.

Such a man will not be satisfied working for another, any other. Oh, he sees the value of labor, but it must be on his own terms. His ambitions will be so outsized as to terrify nearly all of his fellow beings. Those who are not repelled may find themselves compelled to serve him. For this man, "The world is my oyster," is not a mere cliché, but a confident vision.

Such a man is Ezekiel "Snuffy" Smith. Like Alexander the Great, like Napoleon, Snuffy feels the right--nay, the duty--to reshape the world to his own liking.

But it can't all come at once. The world powers are too entrenched. Stick your head up too far, too fast, and it's apt to be chopped off. And so Snuffy Smith bides his time. He waits, and watches, obscuring his towering intellect behind the pose of a shiftless hillbilly.

Read of his quest in his own words.

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bats :[ said...

Best wishes on the blog! It's always great to have someone dedicate way too much free time to analyzing, lionizing, and proseletizing some of our favorite (Count Morgu!) and less favorite (Mary Worth, Elly Peterson) two-dimensional celebrities.